Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I can’t stand intolerance…

Cronulla Race Riots
The Australians are a somewhat racist people. If it weren't for the convenient separation of their junkyard from us, I'd recommend we attack them in hand to hand combat; and beat them black, blue and purple. Then we'll see what they think of our color.

But that is only half the story. I belong to a country where millennia old racist practices are encouraged blatantly and new ones are manufactured with every general election. Having said that, I'm tempted to stop the people just waiting for my cue to jump into the water off the Eastern Ghats and swim down under to beat up the racist fuckaroos.

Think about it, we in modern India follow just about every possible means to discriminate against those quite not like us; and then blatantly dismiss it as an offshoot of the "chalta hai" cancer. What is further problematic is that we're quite content to create and sustain categories upon categories of "us".

At the risk of having an incomplete list, here's how "we" show everyone how it's done:

List from the Shaadi.com Index page. Notice the length.
  1. Ever looked at the Newspaper on a Sunday? There's something called the Matrimonial Classifieds in there.This is a piece of paper that decides the mating future of men and women across the country who've only recently come out of their larval forms. It is also the single most openly racist document in publication since Hitler published the Third Reich To-do list.
    In the spirit of true love, there's someone for everyone… But oh, please meet certain criteria of religion, caste, color, language and maybe even culinary preference. Only serious candidates need apply. Idiots.
    Oh… and while you're at it, go and look at any religion and caste specific matrimonial site. If we're going to be bigots, there's no point in being technologically illiterate about it.

    Ponds White Beauty. Not for the faint of heart.
    1. When you're done watching porn and illegally downloaded movies on your computer, go watch TV too. And tell me what you see when you come across an advertisement for 'White beauty'. Apparently the only thing that we won't do in the name of skin color is to beat people up. But I guess the Australian public acquired the rights to that sometime back. The filthy affinity we have for fair skin is just that, filthy.

      DALIT PRIDE!!! Probably not for the 220 million
      people in the nation who don't have
      enough money for one meal a day.
    2. Politics as we know it today is a cesspool for the worse we have to offer. All anyone ever has to do is pick up a cause, however stupid or exclusionist, and not stop crying oneself hoarse over it. And remember, it's no holds barred as long as you can get enough votes in the next election.
      As things stand right now, the main opposition in parliament is a party of mofo bigots who'll condone mass murder as long as it gets them votes. Whole elections are won over telling starving people that apparently caste is the only thing responsible for their lot in life. And what if you need an education? I'm sorry, but you're too high born. Off to a private university of your choice.

      Narendra Milosevic Modi. Fucking with the right to life since 2001.

    3. Female Infanticide. I know of no expletive that rises in magnitude to describe the galactic assholes who'd even consider doing something of the sort. And those who would do something like this should be plain and simple shot. Through the genitalia first, if possible. I would seriously consider violating medical ethics and the sanctity of said person's unbroken arms if we should ever meet.
      Unfortunately, that would mean my breaking the arms of most people in North India. Don't get me wrong though... I would still do it.
    When you think about it, we're quite the racist pigs ourselves, aren't we? I guess that explains why we keep on fighting ourselves.

    Oh yeah, Mera Bharat Mahan.