Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bhaiyya... Palika Bazaar ka kitna?

You will excuse me if this comes across as coarse, crude or even unintelligible. As is usual caveman practice, I carved out the rough draft on a stone tablet with a blunt animal bone. And my fellow cave dwellers kept on distracting me with something about “fire”. New age nonsense.
So well, let’s set the record straight.
I’m a Delhi ‘Boy’. And I’m not a rapist. Or an oppressor of women. I can drive pretty well, and yes, I do appreciate my Rajma Chawal… preferably with sweetened curd. But I’m weird like that.
Whenever I talk to someone south of the Vindhyas (This is a stretch… I don’t even know where the damn mountains are on a map), I’m expected to conform to stuff “we people do in the North”. From what I’m given to understand, there’s apparently a large conspiracy afoot to find people ugly, make fun of their cultural/religious leanings and drive my SUV over people on pavements.
And you know, I resent this. Most of all because I can’t afford an SUV right now.

But I also resent this because I grew up with the idea of a consolidated, united India. For the most part, I took that “all Indians are my brothers and sisters” nonsense a little too seriously and ended up being pretty awkward whenever I was asked out for coffee. But that’s not the point.
I’ve never thought that the people of any part of this nation would behave any differently just because they were from that part of the nation. So to be labeled a “Pig” because I know a higher number of Vickys and Rockys than the national average is somewhat unfair.
Yes, I will grant you that Delhi per se doesn’t seem to have a stellar track record of safety as far as women are concerned… But assholes are assholes. Blaming “mindsets” might be the right way to go only insofar as you don’t start blaming entire geographical areas and start writing about it on your Stereotypewriters.
As far as oppression of women goes… is it bad? Yes. It’s pathetic and it takes a coward to make someone who loves you go through with something like that. But is it a sole patent pending trademark of us in the North? No. And just so you know, my ex oppressed me more than what is allowed by most UN charters. Most of my jokes these days are as a result of that trauma.
Be that as it may, would you at least pay heed to what little difference of preference that is “allowed”? I’m allowed to dislike South Indian food. Or North Indian food. Or those stupid Dhoklas those Gujjus keep churning out by the kiloton. (LOLJK, I would probably drive a 4 door sedan over people on pavements for a decent Masala Dosa).
Anyway, would any of this make me a racist? No.

Would judging someone based on the color of their skin make me one? Yes. Do I think Fairness cream advertisements (or demographic specific matrimony sites) display a stupid bias? Yes. But seriously, do I think this way (or not think this way) because I’m from Delhi? Nope. It’s common friggin’ sense.
So if I find a way to bring down the servers, it’s because I think it’s a fundamentally bad idea. And not because I want to facilitate the eventual invasion and takeover of the South by thinning down the population over there.
And yes, my English sucks. I can barely read or write. I forward a lot of text messages where “the” is abbreviated to “d”. Hell, most of my tweets are stolen Rajnikanth jokes. Again, I ask you, does this make me truly horrible as a person?
I’m sure there are plenty of rhetorical questions to be asked still, but as it stands, is ANYTHING grounds for thinking two people are the same?
Why would you paint me and my neighbours in the same brush? The Sharmas won’t hurt a fly. Neither would the Guptas or the Malhotras. But the Varmas three houses down are getting really irritating with their torture of small woodland mammals.
All racism is essentially a bad idea. As are most generalizations. As it stands, I’m getting progressively more tired of telling people that I am, in fact, a North Korean Jailor in an effort to get them to like me better. I wish you’d help me and my kin get rid of this habit. Adopt a Delhi-ite if you have to. But please remember, “My” culture, is in fact, “our” culture.

So… I repeat. I’m a Delhi Boy.
And I’m not any of those things you mentioned.
I do pirate the occasional 720p movie, but that’s about it.
P.s. I’m a vegetarian. Or I would’ve indeed mentioned Chicken in some form or the other. Modulate outrage as necessary.


  1. As a Madras born, Bangalore kindergartened, Bombay Catholic-schooled, Delhi higher-educated citizen of India, I approve of this post

  2. Thanks a lot man for speaking for all of us. I hope the girl who wrote crap reads and understands it.

  3. We can make paneer jokes instead of chicken jokes, if you'd prefer.

    Part East, Part South

  4. Hahahhahah good going champ :D

    Yay for Delhi!

  5. You sir, hit the nail on its head. Might I point, the head is usually in the north.

    It's in vogue to bash a delhiite it seems. For every bad experience there are 10 blog posts of exaggerated bullshit. And according to South Yindian writer its ok to make fun of a delhi guy just because his english isn't exactly what Wren & Martin profess or maybe Subramaniam & aiyer inher case . But its all right to make fun of a delhiite just because you are from south india and hence automatically a victim. swear if i had a nickel for every time someone bashes delhi, i'd be a rich man.

  6. Yay. Approbation. As someone not even from any of those geographies in discussion. Or just because I liked the response. *clicks heels*

  7. @Longblackveil You are from the North of the Hebbal Flyover!

  8. Nammalukku chennai tamizh thaan pa.. summa ginnunu oru postu! Whatey the wonderful response.

  9. As a Delhi born NZ based reader I loved this post. You said it all with //But please remember, “My” culture, is in fact, “our” culture.//

    Brilliant reply.

  10. Classy..
    Maybe the original blogger can learn a thing or two.

  11. you make a point, and a brilliantly funny one at that

  12. I think that girl wrote that blog because no one read her blog before.

    That doesn't mean that you did the same thing too :D

    But yes, generalising people is a sickness. The human brain is rotten, not one's state or region or whatever.

  13. As a former Delhi girl, I quite like/approve of this post.

  14. If you say one thing about the dhokla ever again, I will shove all Madaraasi coconuts up your sewer line's hard to get coconuts in Madras right now? Malayali it is, then. :D

    Good write up. :)

  15. Was about to write a similar post in reply to 'Open Letter to Delhi boy' and then I came across your post. All I can say for you and your post - Respect bro!!

  16. Good reply to that blog post, very fitting one :)

  17. well i don't care if they call me a bias bitch... but i agree to what you wrote. Because of a few men, why blame everyone?

  18. We condemn this open letter. And the other one too.

  19. Hahhaha.. The Delhi Boy Speaks...

  20. Bherrryyy Naiceeeeee Response!!
    "My culture, is in fact, our culture"

  21. Chauvinist again. Just because a woman wrote that piece of article, now all man are ganging up to show their anger. "one single piece of shit(man) defines the rest of the world". That's exactly shahana's feeling. In tamil there is a proverb "oru paanai sotrukku oru arisi padham".

  22. You really made a point here, but I would say it is not about any specific group of a specific state. In fact I have seen more people who being delhiites feel themselves superior. It varies from a person to person. And if you have that much of maturity better you stop pointing out other people. I agree with you that we should stop fighting this 'War of States'.

  23. in donon open letters ke oopar karevaayi kee jaayegi. aur iske liye sansad mein ek bhaitak bulaayi gayi hai....

  24. hahaha - nice one. You have now saved the delhi boy from that girls post. coz he was in danger of becoming whatever she said!


  26. i would tend to agree with most of the content mentioned here, except the 'gujju dhokalas' comparison.

    I would run over any person who would claim that he/she doesn't like them. Hey, and tell you what, i actually don't like them and i am a gujju :)

  27. I think we should fast until that girl withdraws her open letter. No?

  28. Can you please marry that girl? I think it's a match made in heaven and you guys will rock more than the proclaimed stars of 'band-baja-baraat' movie. Hell, for all you know your real life love story might even make Chetan Sharma(s) cry and forget about his stupid 'two-states' book. You know what I mean? If nothing persuades you till now... well this should. FOR THE GREATER GOOD. Just do it man.


  29. I wish this would be read as much as the post in response to which it was written; if only for its better sense of humor.
    I like!

  30. I have to say I haven't received this much attention since I mixed up the wrong stuff in a Chemistry practical. But that's another story for another day.
    For right now, I'm glad you like it. :)

    @Shweta Baxi Tyagi
    That's a lot of names for one person. But yes, thanks. :)

    I've been told to go over your sound cloud offerings. And then hide outside your house in the shrubbery. I intend to, soon.

    I do speak a lot, yes. Danke.

    And you will incue the infinite wrath of my mother for each word uttered against paneer.

    All hail Delhi! Delhi is Capital!

    Me, I'm just glad for the rough vicinity of MP and Maharashtra. As a matter of Anatomy.
    But yes, it's usually bad practice to judge people. For whatever reason.

    It's usually a safe bet to get behind righteous fury of any sort. But yes, danke schon, fraulein.

    I want to do a TWSS. Because I usually have no idea what of (any) she's talking about. But yes, thanks. :)

    Thank you. Get me Frodo merchandise. And I'll thank you again.

    Thank you. :) And tis' not for me to consider.

    Why, thank you. I channel the trauma like so.

    Thank you, my good man.

    You have to live with people, you know. Sucks having to watch Krishi darshan alone.

    Me too. Even though I've no claim of any sort on being a former delhi girl.

    And I shall take them and arrange them neatly on my wall. I've too much free time. :)

    And your righteous anger would be well placed, good sir. None can withstand the awesome might of the dhokla.

    Thank you, my good man. :)

    Hey, Outrage has gotta do what outrage has gotta do. Thanks.

    Tell me about it. A better idea is to hate everyone equally. It's nothing if not fair.

    This is not a letter. The formatting is all wrong.

    Yes, he does.

    Mekya, thank you. :)

    Oye, deja vu! Have we talked before? It really isn't about chauvinism. Trust me, i have nothing bust respect for the woman of the species. They're essays of strength and sacrifice.
    Now, make me a sammich!

  31. LOL, if I said that had I been a German Jew I approve of this, would it make me an eyetalian communist? :)

    This one comes from the heart :D

  32. I'm a South Indian but still i can't control my self from appreciating you!! Good Work

  33. Hahha, I read and loved the Madrasin's post and I must admit, I like yours too. I don't think she meant to generalise. I suppose it was for parlance's sake.

    And oh, just to be clear. I'm neither a South Indian nor from Delhi or the North so either way, I don't really care. I'm just someone who's sitting back and enjoying this exchange of rather witty words :P

  34. @Stuti
    I have no maturity to speak of. I would read out some of the love letters I've written to illustrate the point, but that'd be wrong in so many ways.

    Finally! I get to participate in Indian democracy!

    People have the freedom to be whoever they want to be, you know... I'm not wearing this Batman costume just for kicks.

    I don't know, man. I think my face is like this only.

    I LOVE dhoklas. I can have them and nothing else. I've found myself recommending them to my patients. So there.

    We'll be a little more hungry than absolutely necessary. But sure... why not. You get the angry crowd, I'll get the focused anger.

    I would. Only I'm afraid we'll annihilate each other in a blinding flash of light. #TechnicalJoke

    Why, thank you. :) Also, I'm pretty sure you're tired of people calling you Kanu. So I apologize.

  35. I am north Indian and I do not approve of this post.

  36. @Bhanu
    I'm me and I still don't let that stop me. Erm... Thanks. :)

    I know how you feel man. I watch Kabaddi for the same reason.

  37. You nailed it!

    (Not in a rapist sense)

  38. It's a pity this post will not generate as many comments as the other one. But it just validates our love for women :) Wish you all the very best, may allah grant you the SUV's that good people deserve.

  39. You at least have a better sense of humor than the earlier broken morning girl ... Well put!

  40. As a Keralite, born in pune and brought up all over india (thanks to the fauji naukri my dad chose :))i get where the other 'blogger' is coming from. I may not agree with all that she said but i have been at the receiving end of things like - 'idly-sambar' which i feel is fine. doesn't bother me. But yeah, i had a few idiots (and unfortunately all being Daily-ites) who when trying to act smart called me all sorts of things based on my colour(far from acceptable in the north according to them), my language(malayalam is one tuff nut to crack) and most importantly how being dark and not having doleys/sholey, biceps makes me a lesser mortal (i agree my physique is a tad better than Rajpal Yadav but hey, to each its own). and the fact that i speak better english and read books was a way to compensate for the much loved bravado which i thoroughly lacked..
    Having said this, few of my closest frnds are from delhi but by gods grace where blessed with sense unlike the guys from my college.

  41. I couldn't agree more with you on this post, i'm a punjaban brought up in Madras so i share an equal love for both sides of the country. The "Madrasan" clearly has issues because half the points she has made are falsified (i would know being from both places). People all over the country, hell people all over the world are the same. I wish i could point out exactly where and how wrong she is on atleast 80% of what she had said but i think you've done a great job yourself.

    Kudos =)

  42. Liked your post.

    I come from a place, where most of the residents came from various regions of India. We always believed that India is one; we celebrated every single festival like it’s our festival. Racism or generalization is bad whether it’s for a Delhiet (North India) or for a Tamilians (South Indians).

  43. Are you single? Can I marry you?

  44. Now here comes the reply.. Cool.. expecting some more dramas to happen in both the blogs. What that gal had mentioned was wrt to Delhi Boys who treated her in a different way. Hope it not you..
    Looks like new 2 State story.

  45. good the girl's blog has made u guys realize........getting a taste of ur own medicine? happy for u all

  46. Am a Delhi born Andhra-ite and my dear friend u've got it spot on!!

    gud work!!

  47. kya yaar, i expected fireworks :P

    anyways, great reply

  48. haha this is funny... :).. the only thing i dont get as a south indian girl in delhi is the difference between "ahoon ahoon" and "vahoon vahoon"...

  49. Mr. Delhi 'Boy' if this is defiance to what has been broadcasted so far, I must say its a wonderful defence. I hail from Orissa, studied both in Delhi and down beyond the 'Vindhyas'.I love Delhi and I don't love any other region more or less. But the stereotypewriters shall continue to remain where the average Delhi boy swears by Butter Chicken Butter Naan and Daaru Shaaru (I like them for that, they keep it simple enough) and the person from down south will struggle with Hindi('H'silent). I sit on the fence for this one as I watch the dialogue take place. I have friends from both regions and love neither less. All I can say is you can write and it's a slightly proud but nicely done defence.

  50. Thank you. I read the original venom-spewing blog post and the 600+ comments that followed it. Your letter should settle down things a bit. Cheers!

  51. Haha you know the irony is, this reads SO MUCH better than what she wrote.
    (So much for chat slang)
    Awesome stuff :)

  52. awesome ! hats off dude

  53. Do you live in Delhi?
    Can we COLLECTIVELY meet this girl and just talk to her.. politely?

  54. Thanks for the restrained reply.

  55. bloody looser call center employee improve your English

  56. Dat’s just brilliant reply!!! As A Delhi girl with as many guy friends from Delhi as from other parts of India one word ‘ RESPECT’! Too bad she didn’t meet you or the likes of you :)

    And have you ever heard a non- Punjabi living in Delhi getting offended when referred as one?

  57. Awesome reply to "Madrassan"

    Seems some Punjabi Munda broke her let's be kind to her..after all it's Dil walo ki Dilli :)

    BTW on a serious note..her article made me so furious..coz she was spreading hatred..and I loved urs coz "My culture in fact Our culture" :)

  58. I'm slow clapping right now (and typing with my feet).. Idiots are everywhere, irrespective of geography or linguistic skills.. While Delhi does attract more than its share of buttmunches and the lady this is in response to can be excused for just venting the displeasure at her experiences, generalizing is absurd, just like the length of this sentence.

    In closing, where's my fuckin unity in diversity, stupid adults!??

  59. Hey!
    I'm a true-blue Chennai-ite, but my love for my city does not extend to North Indian bashing. Or male bashing. Of course, everyone has an understandable attachment to their city/place of origin, but I agree with the spirit of your post.
    For all the people who aren't from Chennai, not all of us hate North Indians :) Please, feel free to visit/move here anytime!

    Love your writing, obviously the force is strong within you.

  60. if u are the kind of man the girl was talking about, with all the power vested in my tam bram upbringing, i wish to make u hot coffee for the rest of my life *twinkling eyes*

    good mature post fellow. i like. and while we are at it, hail vegetarianism.

  61. Did not read the other one for it's too long and not because I am too proud a Delhite to be embarrassed like that. But I don't think we're embarrassed easily anyway. I am sorry I digress.
    The reason I post is simply because I was not able to make sense of the title. Something tells me it isn't meant for this post. Or may be it is - did you intend to open your blogpost with "Behna. Chalo, chalo. Nahin bechana."?
    Bhaiya, thoda light phenkna! :D

  62. As an Oriya (No we are not the same as Bongs), Middle East primary educated, Chennai high-schooled, Trichy higher educated and Kolkata higher than that educated, I dont quite give a crap about Open letters, racism and random traffic-inviting-to-increase-adsense-earnings blogposts, although I care a lot about entertainment and approve any form of it when I come across such as this blog and thereby I congratulate you for this piece of prose and end this extensively extended sentence that justifies my profession.

  63. Nope, don't agree. You may not be a rapist, but Delhi does have the majority of rapist boys to be found in the country. Isn't that right?

    She's written a letter from a girl's point of view. You won't even begin to understand half of the trouble a girl undergoes every time she steps out of her home in Delhi.

  64. Nice post man ! That chick was really off her rockers !

  65. That's a mighty fine snub you've got there, Sir!

  66. “My” culture, is in fact, “our” culture. Doctor, You 'dat' man. Beautiful.

  67. I am glad that I read this. Well balanced thoughts put into coherent words. *Super like*

    Probably someone really took the south Indian girl for a ride in Delhi. And it makes me sad that it scarred her life forever and influenced a bunch of women who have probably never been to Delhi.

    Next time in Delhi, and a creepy boi acts funny with you, ask a Delhi girl how to deal with it.

  68. Well done bro!! Her hatred filled 'letter' deserved a filthy reply but I'm glad you didn't stoop to her level. The poor girl has managed to meet only nasty ones in Dilli but back (h)ome the baays shine like glossy idlis, I guess.
    I think she and ones like her are oblivious to the fact that north indian students who go to study Vindhya paar are referred to as 'You Naarth Indians' in a very derogatory manner by none other than hostel wardens and even some profs. Someone should write a blog about that naarth indian species. :)

  69. There are North Indians and there are South Indians. What about me? Am I a West Indian?

  70. The riposte is certainly better than the racist rant. "Like".

  71. Bad ppl are present in all communities/societies etc.....just that when it comes to Delhi a major chunk of them are racist......hope the article by the girl and dis one too have put a thinking hats on the Delhites and make some serious effort to change and improve on ur reputation.....m not referring to the so called 'exceptional/good" delhi walas which is like 0.123%

  72. Thank you for writing this! While everyone's talking about this being a 'comeback post', I have just one thing to say to you, the bias and the racism exists everywhere. I can say this because I have lived in almost every nook and corner of India. And talking about Delhi,it has always been infamous for a lot of other things (Rapes, materialism and whatnot!) I wish we would sometimes look beyond cities and states and judge people as people.

  73. Sosha: I'm from Delhi and I'm a Tamilian - so Ideally I should have the same issues that she did. Well, I don't.

    You have to move beyond these things and learn to adapt and love a city for deeper, more concrete reasons. There are ways around the safety issue. And I know that one shouldn't have to work around it, but if it's so much trouble for you then you have two options:

    - Move. Live in a city that suits you, and then you can look back and say, I didn't give the city a chance, because I couldn't cope with it. Which is fair enough, it's a hard city to live in for a woman, and you shouldn't have to make the sacrifice if you don't want to. But acknowledge that.

    - Work your way around it. If you are moving out late, have someone accompany you. Metros. Heard of them? They're safe and a viable option to buses/autos after say 8 pm. Also they're not as rapist-friendly as it's dangerously shaddy counterparts. Plus, many many MANY women use metros and buses, and all that crap about Delhi people being indifferent is shit. If you're being stared at by lechy men on buses/autos and in general sense a dangerous person - a quick stare back or a shout to someone closeby usually helps. I've done it MANY times and it works wonders.

    - The best option is to have your own vehicle, it keeps you much safer and gives you the leverage to move around at whatever time. But yes, not everyone has their own car.

    Apart from that, the odd bad incident you hear of in the city is sad - but it's not like it makes it IMPOSSIBLE to move out of your house. I have commuted to and fro home before metros existed at 9 pm everyday without being raped. You just need to know how.

    I understand the very fact that you have to do these things, makes Delhi unsafe and unfriendly, but it's a sad fact and we are slowly trying to overcome it as Delhi-ites. The mob/police are slowly getting pressured to making places women-friendly and it's a slow battle to win.

    Delhi, otherwise, is much much beyond this. Once you make your peace with these things, you will see what a wonderful place it is. The beauty (food, culture and people, if you are fortunate AND PATIENT, to meet the right kind) of the city will soon make you forget the hurdles.

    And honestly, which city doesn't have hurdles? It's just incorrect to wash off a city because of stereotypes or one bad incident or without trying.

    And about the people being unintelligent, biased and all that jazz. That's just a stereotype, or maybe a bad encounter on the girl's part. Yes, Delhi has it's flaws, but that doesn't make it superior or inferior to any other city or the people of that city. You can catch the flaws of most cities in different aspects as well.

    This is not an outburst, or a defense. These are plain simple facts being put down by a true-blue Delhiite who is half tamilian, half gujarati.

  74. Your post is so reasonable it's not funny. Shahana's wasn't and that's what made it funny. Perhaps the moral of the story is that Delhi boys have no sense of humour?

    No, that's not quite true, I'm sure a rant against South Indians would be met with equal amounts of ire.

    The moral, perhaps, is about our unity in diversity. Being Indians, North or South, we have no sense of humour, are terribly insecure, and afraid to laugh at ourselves.

    A Funny Guy

  75. cholbe na cholbe naa, haam protest kaarta hai ki tum haamara BONGali rosogulla ka naam nehi liya:) :)but seriously an apt answer to the lady who wrote a very unwanted blog. we shud rejoice our diversity, we shud accept that people from any state, have a particular accent when they talk in english and we shud enjoy that in the right vein rather make fun of it, criticize it. Delhi is not all bad and tamil nadu or bengal or maharashtra (just naming these three states as an example) is not all good. the abundence of language and cultures should be used as a resource and not as a hatred tool. already we have so many divisive forces, why write absurd blog (the lady's blog in question) and create unwanted sensitivities.

  76. hey why only North & south???? how about some West and esp the EAST

  77. more thing...if u don't like it here then stick to ur side woman...

  78. This repost is much better than the racial rant

  79. Can the Delhi Boy and the South girl. Do something on Pakis. I would love to read that.
    Nice cool headed writing.

  80. Like your post... while her post had some valid points, one can't generalize... your letter brought that out beautifully...

    Er... would only like to bring attention to one of your lines here that cracked me up...

    "It really isn't about chauvinism. Trust me, i have nothing BUST respect for the woman of the species. They're essays of strength and sacrifice..."

    :):):)... i don't know whether that was a Freudian slip or not... but it only brings to mind a certain kind of 'respect' you have towards women!!!! ROTFL ROTFL...

    Okay okay, splitting hair here... but that line split me up!!

    PS: I dont like the expectations of 'sacrifice' from women @#$#%$!!! ... hey, should i start my own 'open letter to ALL men'??? LOL

    Kidding :)... nice post!!

  81. Im in love with your writing!

  82. I am a complete/fullon/ total (call it what you want) Southie (the non-matriarchal types). Fortunately or unfortunately, I do understand the girl's rant as well..I have known/ seen many men of the kind she has described (luckily not a one on one encounter), but have also seen the other side. When I moved out from my home (from Mumbai in Mumbai), Delhi guys whom I barely knew helped me out with setting up my house and even gave me a place to stay for a few days without any need of fear. It was a truly amazing experience.

    Generalization in any field, in my opinion, is completely baseless. I like how you made your point without making any generalizations yourself. :)

  83. Like !!!

    Good friendly (really?) banter...

    But I clearly see where both sides are coming from as some1 coming from a (Traditional) Tamilian who's family is settled in Delhi for 3 generations (almost a century)....

    Atleast gives us an opportunity to read something that's a bit light...

  84. She has written her second open letter


  86. a shining beacon amidst all of us uneducated delhi boyzzz

  87. This is the RIAA.. We hacked the account of "anonymous" and are posting on behalf of it. So we ask you to surrender and take you out on accord of DMCA and other shit.

  88. like ur post.. keep writing

  89. If at all you said "Your" culture is "My" culture too.

  90. Thank you for proving that a delhi born guy can not only write well but also do a Classier job of Dissing the sex depraved, Dark skinned , Fashion-challenged racist whose Unnecessary and Narrow minded comments are probably the result of being rejected by LSR, turned down by a dozen delhi guys and not having a sane mind. Yours truly
    A Punjaban who doesn't mind being called that.

  91. You are funny rude boy....what the f..k ooops!!! did I say that I meant delhi boy...I enjoyed reading your f'n blog...Rajma chawal how original all punjabi/north indian boy likes true about the Sharmas, Guptas, Khannas and Malhotra are lame I know I am 2 of them....but you are right the Varma's they spare no one....


  92. No one can tell anything with a single experience..!! I am from chennai and i had a very good punjabi friend..!! We first met while in a daaru party..Cheers!!

  93. blow on the face! well said. following your blog!

  94. Nice posts,both of them are hilarious read.both have taken things personally and that explains rage you both spewed out on the interwebz!Maybe you guys should meet each other over a cuppa and sort this out?! *hint* :P (don't kill me)
    To the "overthinker" guy in comments section "quote"The head is generally in the north?!"Unquote" What kind of statement is that!? You seem to have your head up your a***!

  95. Machan, Greetings from Chennai.

    You weren't afraid to use 500 words where just two would have sufficed (Yes, just that two worded reply would have been sufficient); But if it is any consolation you were the nobler and funnier one. You sir, are a fine gent.


  97. A half mallu, half tamilian girl living in Delhi : Like your post!Concur with everything! and it's unaffected by strong emotion or aggression, just how I like it!
    But the fury her post is generating is uncalled for. I cannot believe such thoughts, language, such extreme generalizing and stereotyping comes from a rational state of mind. I can bet she regretted it as soon as she pondered a little! You will find most extremists to be more naive than you expect. It's just venting emotions, allow it and let it not instigate similar feelings.

  98. Hey dont say nothing about them Dhoklas !!! They sure maybe dumb, but they taste good !!!

  99. Awesome reply. Sense and Nonsense. Discrimination exists everywhere. So does intelligence and good conversation. Nicely done, both you people, 'cause inthe end: that's what everyone is. But two things:
    1. .... Forget it
    2. PUT THE FUCKING COMMENT BOX ON THE TOP. change the theme is you must....

  100. like man.. some sensible stuff.. :)

    coming from a guy from below the vindhyas or whatever it is, but definitely in india

  101. Very much needed this article was.
    Said exactly what was needed without actually resorting to the ridiculous way the girls article was.
    And you actually managed to make me laugh at every other sentence...something that the other article was trying to at every line but failed at miserably.
    Good Job and thank you..i needed to read something like this after to get back some peace of mind=)

  102. lol loved both ur blogs ! seriously meet up dilli boy and madrasan :p
    i am a dilli bred madarasan and erm! i take no sides.. though yes she shouldnt have generalised so
    much and you shouldnt have defended so much!
    WHats this about Vermas tho?

  103. Well, you judge people in a defined geography by the majority. This is where the stereotyping happens. As much as you want to hate it, despise it, it happens.

    I'm a Delhi'ite too. As much I hate to say this, this is a fact that most (in bold) of the people here are of a wannabe nature.

    A normal Delhite starts the day with fake handshakes, rap tracks playing on their music player that they look the lyrics of, on the internet, (\m/)s, YOs, amplifying their voice to 400% when they talk in their rather broken English and that's just tip of the iceberg.

    A man chooses to stay with the people of same interests and IQ. You might have a friend circle that might not be too Delhi'ish but then, you just can not ignore the nut-heads (read: majority) you come across in this city of ours.

  104. Good stuff mein freund.You have broken the stereotype by being the less aggressive one in the face of bashing by the 'supposedly less aggressive one'.Thank you for not being as racist,generalizing,intolerant,ignorant and self-righteous as the other blogger.May the Force be with you.

  105. Well done! I hope madam-long tresses reads this and realises how stupid she sounds! Also, if there is anyone out there who can give her some self esteem lessons-it would be nice.

  106. well the scribe deviated from what was talked about in the original has got no relation in that context....dude.generalisation was one for the general XX bearing punjabi brats of delhi n not the sophisticated one like you may be......

  107. @dope.smugglaz
    First of all, real gangsta bro. :)
    And two, thanks. You know, when all else fails, it is, in fact, validation that comes to the rescue.

    I've sustained considerable mental trauma over the course of this lifetime. Most of it comes out in the form of jokes and inability to keep a straight face when someone says Wet hollow.

    Thank you, m'lady. :)
    Though you look great in a hat too.

    Like I said, you'll find jackasses everywhere. Everywhere. And I agree with the keep a thick skin bit. Mostly it scares people off when they see you carry around the dermis of your enemies.

    Why thank you, mademoiselle. Have a Dosa on me. I hear they're lovely over there this time of the year. :)
    (This was about blooming flowers initially, but my Botany sucks)

    Dude, I couldn't agree more. I wish you could read some of the initial posts on the blog and you'd find I'm totally with you.

    I have severe intimacy issues. I can't even hug my pillow.

    No, it wasn't. And the comparisons to two states are unwarranted and irrelevant.

    Was this a fill in the blanks thing? Because I'm really bad at those. Realize... Hmmm... "That you can't eat bhukia hanging upside down?" Yes.

    Why thank you, good sir. :)

    The permit didn't come along in time. Anyways, thank you. :)

    Think Saif Ali Khan vs. Daler Mehendi. But you've intrigued me no end. Must. Find. Wikipedia. Entry.

    @Resurrected Paradox
    Since when is pride a bad thing? Arrogance, yes. Pride... no. And this isn't a defense. This is the downtrodden speaking. Now watch as i go on a fast.

    The internet won't be what it is without people finding ways to disagree. And porn. But hey...

    Thank you, unknown person with remarkably familiar name.

    Well, yes. And I'd rather not. My secret identity is important to me. I've done some solid work to fit into this spandex.

    Restrain is a good thing, right? RIGHT?

    Mein freund, I'd ask you to look up Murphry's law. That's about all. But yes, the English could use a little bit of effort. I've no idea how infinitives work.

    Nope. We're famously thick skinned. And I'm half dead inside so nothing really gets to me anymore. But hey... whatever works for people.

    Well, to be fair, there's a really good chance that someone pissed her off something bad. But to take it out on Delhi seems a little unfair. Like I said... No wait... I won't put the entire post here again.

    Because this is what is quintessential Delhi. I omitted the heated debate with the auto wallah that usually follows.

    I admire people who are free from the clutches of punctuation. I do. Also, there's bound to be friction. You do what you can. Look at people listening to Amplifier and go to your happy place.

    I have been going to the Dagobah gym regularly, yes. And yes, I have been to Chennai. The only thing I don't understand is the movie posters. But I'm dense sometimes.

    All hail Vegetarianism! Of course, when the plants run out, us vegetarians will be the first thing on the menu, but we'll never let this stop us. NEVER!
    And hey... Filter Kaapi FTW!

    No, we're not. Hell, I don't remember the last time when I felt even an iota of shame. And I've asked some terrible things from people in the name of history taking.
    The blogpost is titled such because I guess this is what it means to be a Delhi person. Heated debate with autowallah notwithstanding.

  108. @Anonymous
    And I congratulate you for your freedom from the shackles of punctuation and breathlessness.
    And you're right. I keep it on the low and narrow myself. You should totally see my Krishi Darshan web episode collection.
    It rocks.

    I don't know. 78.45% of all statistics are made up on the spot. But yes, I do understand. Believe me if you will, I've punched the willy nilly out of atleast one eve teaser. That may not mean much in the larger scheme of things, but this is just by way of telling you that some things are unacceptable. Regardless of where you are.


    That's not for me to say. But I will thank you and make a PMS joke at a later, undisclosed date.

    Total TWSS moment! Err... Thanks. :) I work it out every day in front of a mirror. I leave crying sometimes.

    Why thank you, good person with awesome Joker DP.

    It's simple really, punch him in the lower abdomen. And this applies not just to Delhi...
    But hey... I hope everyone's happy in the end. Especially Anna Hazare.

    Regionalism is really not a good idea. Let's just leave it at that, shall we?
    People have different expectations of places and cities. My only problem is that I don't deserve to be demonized. Even when I burn the Rice because i wasn't paying attention.

    Corny as it is, you're just an Indian. Ask any firangi.

    Much appreciated. Really. :)

    See, I can make a similar remark about people in Budapest. Or Warsaw. Or Ouagadougou. it doesn't mean it's always true. India as a country is bifurcated along some idiots and normal people. I wish things would improve, I do. But in the meantime, please drop the prejudice.

    I don't judge people either. And believe me, I come across a lot of category 5 morons. We're flawed... what will you do?
    But yes, you speak the truth. Read a little towards the beginning of the blog if you can. you'll find I agree.

    Whoa! Inception blogpost within a blogpost joke time. :) But I did read through all of it. And yes, realism FTW!

    I do believe that is something we as a country need to learn. To laugh at ourselves, that is. It's not for me to rant against my own people as it is.
    Except for my next door neighbour. Bitch be crazy.

    Amar Sonar Bangla! Wait... did I get that right?
    It's not for me to say why people write what they write. It's important to be sensitive too. But you just have to make sure what you're being sensitive to. (Blanket statement, I know... but I'm good at these)

    We're Indian. Deal with it. And those people in Madhya Pradesh outrage like its nobody's business. So I'm afraid I can't.

    Huh? Was this for me? I don't have a side woman. I do affront women... Gahahaha!

    Why thank you, good sir. But comparisons are invalid. This was not written to be compared. Just read.

    I totally would. But the synopsis of any rant against Pakistan would be: They took all the hot women and the really good fast bowlers.
    So there.
    Also, The P-word is a racial slur. I won't use it.

    And now I have a receipt. Wait... what?

    What makes you think that wasn't deliberate? :)
    And there are no expectations to speak of. None. I'm glad I know all the women I know or have known. Even that spawn of Satan that I shall speak no more of.

    Why thank you, good person of unknown personal details. :)

  109. @Divya
    All generalizations, including this one, are false. But yes, I know there is evil in this world. So I will tell you what I tell everyone... CARRY PEPPER SPRAY AND LOOK AT THE PRETTY BUILDINGS!

    Why thank you, good sir.

    I do what I can. But yes, thank you. Believe me, I understand too. But there is such a thing as "just enough" and "overcooked" right?

    I love that song! Could use a few more Bhangra beats, but that'd be encouraging a stereotype.

    Sush. We're all very highly educated (on our resumes) and LOOK! ELVIS!

    You again? Is this an echo?

    I will too. :) Thanks.

    That's called Nitpicking.
    Also, if a = b then b = a.
    But I agree otherwise. As in totally.

    Erm... Like I said, it's not nice to generalize. And if you must know, I totally applied for LSR myself. They rejected my application of account of not being able to carry off a handbag and other tiny little details such as being a dude. THAT'S SEXIST!

    Later indeed. But you seem awfully familiar with my neighbours. Can you get back the fly swatter Mrs. Varma took the last week? We're at out wits' end.

    Daaru unites us like nothing else. So Cheers, my good man! Now, just get me a Sprite, and we'll celebrate this something bad.

    Why thank you. :)
    But if I blow on someone's face, it'll get really windy, no?

    First of all, I loave your goggles.
    Two, I think not. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I prefer not to be lynched by a mob. Unless it's sexy. Which it rarely is.

    Why thank you, good person of mysterious standing. And it's not for me to say what would've sufficed. She might be standing outside my window with a Sniper rifle right now. And that would suck.

  110. good one, straight to the point without shouting ...

  111. I'd like everyone to read this too-

  112. @mercplus
    BUT WAIT... SOMEBODY HAS SET US UP THE BOMB! (I just had to do this)

    Thanks. :)

    It's not for me to say what could/would've made her write whatever she wrote. I won't even make the requisite PMS reference.
    Way I see it, we're all the same people all of us. Corny as it is, my right hand having problems with my left one seems senseless.

    I have erred, my friend. But I do solemnly declare that Dhoklas for ALL are guaranteed as soon as I take over the world.

    We have no branches. :)
    That said, yes I have. Anterograde amnesia rocks.
    And THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WILL DO SOON. I hate scrolling myself.

    Dude, I bet even Google can't find the vindhyas. But yes, you're definitely in India. Celebrate. :)

    I meditate for 15 minutes a day. I find even Karelas cannot affect me afterwards. It's worth a shot. Also, thanks. :)

    The Vermas are evil evil people. If someone throws a cricket ball into their house, it's considered lost forever.
    And I'm not defending anything here. I'm just presenting my side of the argument. In front of a standing accusation. So there. We now have circular talk.

    All my friends (even the imaginary one) are Category VI nuts. And I like them that way.
    I understand it's easy to succumb to being judgmental... I mean.. why not? But I guess it takes away some of that stuff that they were talking about in Moral science classes we slept through, right?

    And may the force be with you, good sir. I would say something about my need of procuring a lightsaber, but I'll stop here.
    Also, thanks. :)

    Lovely username, by the way. Almost appropriate. It's not for me to decide what she does with her time. Though having some flowing tresses would be nice. I've always wanted to do a Clinic All clear palke chalke thing.

    Why thank you. In fact, SOOPAR Thank you.

    I'm something of a Punjabi. And also a brat. Though I think that word is somewhat outdated for "Evil monstrosity". Does that generalization still make sense?

    I love your IQ tests. :)
    Also, thank you, table person.

    Why thank you, King person. :)

  113. Stereotypewriter, and driving your sedan over a pavement to get a dosa. That killed me.

    You are funny, good sir.

    So long, and thanks for all the lulz.

  114. humor and satire are wasted on our kaum and sada pind

  115. fantastic! a brilliant reply to an unnecessary aggression! good work dude :)

  116. Fitting and hilarious reply!

    A Madrasi

  117. Point taken! :) Generalization was not asked for. But dude, the "Palika Bazaar" stuff flew over my head. Was that a pun intended? ;)

  118. I shall use this post and the other one to demonstrate argumentation to students in my advanced writing class ! Thanks !!!!!

  119. Excellent post. I am neither a north indian nor a south indian. I have spent equal amount of time in both north india and south india. Delhi really sucks as far as safety for women is concerned. But it would be extremely vindictive and unfair to generalize all delhi men. may be a higher number as compared to other cities but definitely not all. "All racism is essentially a bad idea. As are most generalizations." sums it up.

  120. @BasioMeusPuga and the wind blew that letter away. :)


    @ Article Sky ! SoB ..Hahahaha ... good one!

  122. Amazing. I was falling short of words to express my views on the case-in-point but I have to say, this is the most humourous, light-hearted and appropriate response I have read till now. I couldn't have expressed my views any better.
    I hope that 'southie' (her words, not mine) reads this and use some of her gray matter to form her opinions with wisdom next time. Truly an amazing read.
    Hail Delhi!

    And amazing title , by the way.

  123. well said - bias is bias, no matter where it comes from

  124. Well done. Nice jab back. Agree with almost everything you have written.

  125. Well written man ... Loved the humor but saddened by this burst based on a few bad instances which can happen to anyone anywhere in India

  126. Well, if it wasn't for the funny take on things, I'd be looking for a different response. But this is brilliant. Considering that I am born in Delhi but Madrasi (again i'm the only one allowed to call myself that) this is brilliantly funny.

  127. Being a snob is taking one small aspect of a person's personality and judging them by it. I am sorry that the original blogger didnt get to meet enough Delhites. We might have our defects but, I can assure you we welcome everyone with an open heart- without , the bias she felt.
    You know the funny thing is that I grew up in Delhi oblivious to the many ways we divide ourselves into as Indians. Delhi has always been a huge melting pot and we have people from everywhere, North Indians- including the punjabis, haryanvis, UP and the neighbourhoods, people who migrated from pakistan, the North east, South Indians , the baniyas from rajasthan and the immigrants from Bangladesh. You know what, this is what it makes Delhi such a great place to live in, you meet all types here.

    When I was growing up , the only divide we had was the communal divide , which formed after the politicians drove us apart. But back then , we still stole the tiffins of our South Indian class mates for the yummy idlis and dosas. No one racially stereotyped anyone. Yes, its true, we called everyone south of the tropic of cancer a madrasi , but not in a derogatory way. Back then Banglore was still coming up and had a population of 2 million, the biggest southern city was Madras. But I can assure you we grew up with more diversity than our friend from Chennai and we respect it in people.

  128. As an..ahem 100% Tamilian who's been really annoyed with the lady's post - thank you for this lovely response!

  129. dude, loved this post..after reading that hatred post from some silly girl, i seriously got a headache because that post had venom..once i thought of replying to her post but then realised it wasnt worth it..and straight away from there i got a link to your post and was relieved to see that there are people who have brain at right place instead of having it in knees..i dont belong to either of the cities, but i have lived in both the cities for a good number of years..i was shocked and sad to see people making it NORTH Vs South..every state has its own culture and everyone belonging to that place should be proud of it but then you should have common sense to understand that i guess which i guess was missing in that girls case..keep up the good work and i hope that girl reads your post too.. :)

  130. Bravo laddie Bravo!!! You Delhi da munda and that madrasan should hook up :) make a great blogosphere together!!!

  131. Good one that chick made us annas look like douchebags.

  132. I am a South Indian who studies in Manipal.This place is a melange of South,north,east,west-indian and NRI cultures.Here we never hear any north-south thing.It's only manipal where emulating western culture is the rallying point for everyone.

    Dunno why it happens in places like chennai and Delhi.You people need to learn from manipal.

    Regarding that girl's point of Delhites sucking at English,I almost fell off my chair ROFLing as delhites have good command over english language and their accent is understood by others without any difficulty.This is not the case with malayalis.I noticed them speaking English in similar way they speak malayalam.It is very difficult to make out what they speak.

    Wondering why some delhites too agree with her regarding this English thing.

  133. This post kicks ass. Fuck that ugly southie bitch. Delhi forever, man!!

  134. In the rather emphatic praise from a delhi boy ,"

    Ho Ho Ho , badi vadiya maari hai ji , (paaaenchoo) , kya maari hai (paaaenchoo) , changa kita , samjhya hoye.Gal hi khatam kar diti hoye (paenchooo),bahoo vadiya bohoooo vadiya paaaaencho , ROFPL , (rolling on floor paenchooo laughing)


  135. "paint *with* the same brush"

  136. As a 'Delhi boy' myself, I could not understand the frame of mind she was in posting that. Maybe after reading this, she gets some sense in her head.
    PS: Ever wondered who on the f**king planet asked her out?

  137. Being a 'Bong' who was born in East and raised in the North, I've met Mumbai once and have a big time crush on her since then, had a 2 year long relationship with Bengaluru and am still in love with her. And I'm married to Delhi (dharam se aur karam se). And then I sit and wonder what is "my" culture.

    You've spoken and spoken out very well my friend. Voicing the angst of the "generalized" Delhi-ite.

  138. You implied in your own post that no two people are the same. . but, subsequently, grouped people into the Sharmas and Guptas. .you also grouped their behaviour!!. .
    P.S: Your two statements are antagonistic to each other!!

  139. People clearly have a *lot* of free time.

  140. Commendable job my friend. I have stayed in Madras when I was 3 years old for 3 years and hence have a Dosa gene myself (Born in Amritsar and spent most of my life in Amritsar/Chandigarh). But us hating their food and they hating us back made no freakin' sense at all. Anyhow, I'm thinking of hacking that blog URL and redirecting it to this one. JK ;)

  141. :) spoken like a true Indian. Equipped with just the right amount of mischief and censored vocabulary. Good job bringing good humor into the words.

    P.S: I am from south of vindhyas
    P.P.S: I have no frikkin idea where all this mountain range spread to either

  142. It's kinda ironic that i found the link to your blog post while scrolling through the comments on the blog post this one is a reply to.. And i must say, it was a pleasure reading this one.. Appreciate the subtle homour.. Born and brought up in Delhi, I love the city completely,for even with all its so called shortcomings, Delhi is home! Thanks for a wonderful post Delhi boy!

  143. Born in Bangalore.. Schooling from Simla,Delhi and "chennai"(9 yrs).. Graduation in Bangalore.. Wow damn i am not a north indian or south indian.. Just one word describes me "Indian".. Dear Madrasan stop making hue n cry about it.. Grow up child!!

  144. She got the publicity she yearned thanks to you people. By the way I believe plenty of north-south sex ought to solve the misunderstanding

  145. I like :) Classy.

    I love the way you reply without retaliating.

    Thanks to your dignified and witty reply your blog post will probably be appreciated as much in South Indian as in Delhi.

    For someone with minimal exposure to Delhi and it's men, this helps.

  146. your face madrasan

  147. *Like* Nice definition..

  148. Lovely. One question though: Why is this called 'Bhaiyya... Pallika Bazaar Ka Kitna?'?

  149. Love it!

    While there are some valid points in the "Delhi Boy" letter, its just regionalism at its best.

    I am a Sikh by religion, have a muslim name, thanks to dad being in the air force stayed and studied in all parts of India, love dosa-sambhar, also love my chicken - makhan maar ke. Have friends from all across the country, of all religions. I am not a north indian or a south Indian. Just a plain indian.

    Hope the people who like to divide the country like this read this and get some sense.

  150. Very nice!

    "to be labeled a “Pig” because I know a higher number of Vickys and Rockys than the national average is somewhat unfair" lol

    "As it stands, I’m getting progressively more tired of telling people that I am, in fact, a North Korean Jailor in an effort to get them to like me better. " rotfl

    Thank you for bringing our Dhoklas into your argument and spreading the brand awareness :-) Tho' 3 Idiots has done that quite effectively as well.

    - Mandira

  151. Bhai.. tu jo bhi hai..Itni mein hi mat chhodiyo is Hema Malini ko.. Sare forms of dance karwane hai isse :P

  152. yea that girl was raging coz she looked like rotten potatoes.

  153. whoever the gal from south was i guess she is dying to get some northie guys attention or a nice shag if she is lucky.The blog in itself is a pathetic rant of what she has been missing in her life.Each line is an example of her sadness and the ,lamest being some crap bout IIT,s which again goes on to prove their fixation with the Institute.some more turd mentioned towards southie's yelling skills and their beauty with reference to some actresses.all in all a hapless read.
    As for the reply ,i think it was well thought of ,what i would like to see is the looks on their faces when they meet and the result being telecasted live on india TV,Breaking News

  154. hehe. Feel little better after reading this. I am a punjabi girl n studied in Bangalore for few years. I am an Indian and people really need to grow up. At least it is mature and not an outrageous hyperbolical article like that insecure madraasi chic.

    P.S. I AM A GIRL :P

  155. So if I find a way to bring down the servers, it’s because I think it’s a fundamentally bad idea. And not because I want to facilitate the eventual invasion and takeover of the South by thinning down the population over there.

    <<<< I am seldom impressed, and you cracked me up... ROFL....

  156. An articulate Delhi boy! An oxymoron at its best :)
    I heard both sides, urs doesn't come across as bitterness camouflaged in humor. You mister are in fact truly entertaining. Love the verbal sparring!

  157. I owe it to you to appreciate the words used, the decency in tone and for actually coming up with a reply for that sick racist post by southy gal..

    To just add an example, if only her delhi boy was bad, while my delhi friend and family helped in to stay at their place for about total 3 months, when I was doing my post grad in Gujju land.. I mean who does that to their friend or to their sons friend who is a girl.. like not all fingers are equal in length, the same way we can't stereotype any community like that.

    And for a matter of fact my mum is the best idli-sambhar maker in my eye.

    So, kudo's to 'this' Delhi boy.

    'Our culture' for sure !

  158. "..start writing about it on your Stereotypewriters..." LOL excellent read man. You write well.


  159. It would have turned in to a disaster,r if you would have gone in a revengeful manner. I am glad u did not ! This approach though less entertaining, is justified and appreciable to the core.

    Thanks for a good and humble reply !

  160. Yeahhhh .. now that is a reply to the ranting we heard yesterday! Well done.. doesn't have the bitterness but still has the humor. I loved your post!

  161. This comment has been removed by the author.

  162. Superbly written and so fats . It is well thought out reply in stark contrast to the ravings and rantings of a biased parochial arrogant wannabe blogger . You put oyur thoughts together incredibly and Delhi Boy you are funny too, while she must have slaved over her blog for days but sadly in the end producing which was coarse vulgar and in very bad taste , God to bring in partition does she know the trauma , no respect for someone who lost their Ddai , Gosh she revealed her vile and evil base nature at the very outset with her crass comment wrt to an autistic child . Gos is she a Twit too/ Children with autism have a far greater IQ the gal is so messed up , feel very sorry for her , she obviously suffers from a terrible complex , PS you do write very well for stylistics atleast she coudl take a couple of lessons form you .

  163. hey damn good read man...thanks

  164. Until the age of 13, I felt I was a north indian. And then for the next 5 years, I felt I was a south indian. Was I Confused? yes. Thanks to my neighbours, friends, relatives, teachers and so on. Instead, I can just blame the society. After 18 years, living in different parts of India, I realized I'm an INDIAN. So I know for a fact that more than 99% of indians are racist. Sadly, that also includes some of my closest. I have heard my friends from college badmouth north indians and my colleagues at work cursing south indians "by mistake" in my presence. Let alone calling north east indians "chinki", "chilli chicken" and what not. And we curse Australians and Americans for thrashing immigrants.

    When I'm really not in the mood, I just ignore such statements. But in most cases, I make sure they understand that their thinking is pathetic and immature.

    All I can do as a human (then as an indian) is to treat everyone equally and spread love unconditionally.

    A very well written post. Thank you!

  165. ** I'm a tamilian. Born in MP. I did my schooling in MP, KR, AP and WB. Graduation in TN. Have been working in DL for half a decade.

  166. Very apt reply, put together in simple words and context. I, as an "east-sider/bong", have also written an open reply to the original post. You can read it here: and let me know what you think of it. Thanks!

  167. Why oh why are you vegetarian? That ruins errything!

  168. Enough has been said about the post that triggered this response and your reply is a good one.
    But if i may digress, Delhi streets are unsafe for women compared to Mumbai or Bengaluru ( have lived and worked at both places) but its for many reasons and not because of 'punjabi culture'.
    If that was what triggered Shahana's diatribe, then she totally lost the plot when she made it an issue of US vs THEM.
    Delhi is not what it used to be and accepts outsiders much easier now.
    The horrendous rape statistics make us Delhiites hang our heads in shame too. but do we all deserve to be judged as a city based on the acts of lowest common denominator.
    I dont think so..

  169. weeds are weeds where ever they are and where ever they are from so it does not matter.... Indian and proud

  170. madraasan ki faad dali! lmaaaaooo

  171. I clarified this there, and i will clarify it here.

    It's us Gujaratis who have mastered the true art of "cracking IITs". Not gulti people. Okay?

    over and out.

  172. Totally agree! ROFL-ed at 'all Indians are my brothers and sisters!'

    A true blood Mallu

  173. I particularly liked the way you said we are Indians and I think one of the reasons India sometimes don't do well is because of this regionalisiing and stereotyping!!

  174. Not all indians are our sisters.. There has to be atleast one out of that list :D

  175. Hello,

    i hope at some point people realise that being stereotypical and being able to laugh at your own community jokes is a fun thing. it shows the open-mindedness and the privilege of our education and knowledge. Otherwise i wouldn't have laughe...d along with my buddies at their "poshchimbongo" jokes (believe me, there are quite a few) or the whole "babumoshai-anand" stereotype. Sheesh!

    it's not a question of right and wrong or being racist.

    people should just appreciate the articulation and expression of both pieces - similar to a modern day Pride and Prejudice. One sounds like the heroine in a chick lit, the other like the tragic, wounded here of the same novel.

    Both articles were superlatively written and kudos to both 'madrasi' and 'delhi boy'!

    Cheers :)

  176. That's a levelheaded response! :)

  177. This is brilliant...all of it...her post your reply and the rest of the banter...just so much entertainment of a boring weekday.

    Don't hate the madrasan cos she is hating someone specific. Too bad she generalized.

    Delhi is a nice enough place and there are douche bags everywhere, trust me I know, i have lived all over the country. For substantial periods of time.

    I cant really say where i am from as I really did grow up everywhere and so did my folks.
    Lets not start fighting with each other really.

    I truly appreciate that you responded with such eloquence considering you "carved out the rough draft on a stone tablet with a blunt animal bone". As a truly Indianized Indian i can appreciate your sentiments.

    Good stuff mate!!

  178. My mother and I approve. She will be calling you soon with an order for some medhu wadas.

  179. you make a great and might i add, hilarious point...i'm glad that you're not of the anything-south-of-Kakke-da-dhaba-is-another-country mentality. but i'm a maharashtrian and when i have to tell people that i mostly brace myself for the oh-so-typical 'Ghatan' 'Matthi' 'Shiv Sena' is tiring you know and as a result, i end up getting pretty darn you can see, i have not met many we-are-INDIAN people...good piece of writing and same for the chick you replied to :)
    PS:i love butter chicken AND ganpati visarjan so sue me :P

  180. Born in North Karnataka, raised in Bangalore, studied in Mumbai, worked in Chennai.. I've ventured a fair bit and let's just say, none of it matters a damn! Thank you, Mr Disgruntled for bringing some perspective to space where it is considered fashionable to diss, without any sense. Good one!!

  181. lol good this was. Although am glad for once there was no making fun of us bongs, so ah, some relief. Though I must admit I do it myself sometimes :P

  182. This, is ONE hell of a post! And a GREAT GREAT reply :) Hit the nail right on the wall! Absolutely AWESOME :D Love you for this post!

  183. I enjoyed your response but to be fair to the girl, she was just expressing her opinion, scathing as it may be. Seems to me, she wrote in a moment of particular anger.