Monday, December 5, 2011

Purely hypothetical...

So I ran into ‘her’.
And like all women who’ve ever worn that particular pronoun in the history of written literature… I almost wished I hadn’t.
And like every time I’ve “almost” wished I hadn’t… Well, there’s a story here too.

There she is… sitting across the table not five feet away. Less than three strides for the average disciple. Two if you’re as tall as me.
There are people talking. Every now and then she smiles; and it feels another ripple has passed over the surface of eternity. And as much as I think they messed up the darn punch line, it seems I can’t help but smile too. I wish they get the next one right... I do so hate it when she stops with that smile.

My heart craves what is only the caress of her gaze, but I now look away. I’m much too afraid she’ll catch me staring. Leaving me too embarrassed ever to be able to tell her that now that I had found her, I knew everything was going to be alright.
The sun would rise again tomorrow. The dang sunflowers would point in just the right direction. And that maybe, just maybe, one day as the sunlight would be streaming in through half open windows, I’d brush aside the stray hair that crept onto her face and wake her up with a kiss on her cheek that half spelt “I love you” and half “I love how you yawn”.

She glances my way once, as if to thank me for my words. I keep looking away. Seems I have not the mind to accept such thanks. I only gave her what was hers in the first place. And then she smiles again. It begins in her eyes, like all smiles worth telling someone about.
Seems they were working on their punch lines, after all.

I think about getting up and talking to her. It can’t be that difficult. In spite of what they say, it is a good sign if your legs turn to jelly and your mind turns to pudding. If she understands me the right way (and there is no other way), she’ll know she herself is my poetry made manifest. The “ba-ba-black-sheep” that I’ll end up doing such a spirited rendition of can probably just be written off to... creative differences.

I hesitate. I would need something to start a conversation with. Women have not been known to take kindly to opening lines about the annual sugar production of Cuba.

Perhaps something to do with how she embodies that which is beauty… serenity one could spend a lifetime trying to describe and yet words would not suffice.
No. Too long.
Perhaps a simple “Hi” would do. Maybe that’s all that is needed to open doors.
No. Too simplistic.
Maybe I simply recite the alphabet in my baritone. Let pheromones and good intentions take care of the rest.
No. Too clichéd.

So, well, I simply walk up to her and say…

…and we haven’t stopped talking since.
(Most of it about things like the coffee output of Brazil. Told you Cuba doesn't work).


  1. Beautiful. Like much of what you write, I wish I had thought and written this.

  2. Hypothetical it may be , but reading it makes you feel you're there. Very well written.

  3. It's, and forgive me for saying this, cute and funny and for once a fantastically written scene about what a guy is thinking. A good, fun, piece of fiction (?)

  4. That was indeed a lovely post...really cute!...specially loved the part 'legs turning into jelly'..does it really happen to guys??..:)

  5. I LOVE this post..Cant help reading it again and again...It is so hopelessly romantic..:)

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  8. You've got to be kiddin me with this romantic bullshit already

  9. @Sadiya
    Why, thank you. :)

    I feel the same way about most of the Cryptonomicon and most Batman comics. I also know that they couldn't have thought of everything. Not just yet.

    Thank you muchly.

    I can't understand how the apology figures into this. If it's about the "for once", then well, assume the Sprite was flowing freely and you know how well sugar highs lend themselves to the written word.
    And oh, (!)

    Yes, it does. Of course, we have different ways of dealing with it. Some stutter. Others retreat. I go with "insult her shoes". :)

    Glad you liked it.

    Hopelessly. Hmmm... one of these days we'll just have to redo this particular adverb. Yes yup.

    @Paavani and @Anonymous
    I feel like you're trying to tell me something.

    Yes, good sir/madam. I picked you out from many legions of people to 'kid'.
    Also I agree. I simply _have_ to stop doing all this glue.

  10. fiction but nice...felt good after reading it :)

  11. Look at you being so adorable!

    If I had wads of money I'd totally be waving 'em around your head right now.

  12. @Sunshine
    :) Fiction, you say? Fiction it is then.

    @Chronicus Skepticus
    Roman is all Greek to me. Or is it the other way around? I digress.
    Thanks. Although you must know that I'm actively trying to discard my adorable image and going for something more in line with derisive machismo. I know, right?

  13. accurate description of the deciduous courage and wanderings of a picaresque mind. Remember, all fable is the offspring of foible....your writing is as natural as sunlight :)

  14. You are the best!! Keep writing.. For some people its the only thing they can hang on to at this point..